Today, public health officials estimate that 1 in every 68 children in Canada is growing up on the autism spectrum. It is a reality that affects millions of families every day, from the classroom to the job market- hundreds of families here in our municipality. And while we are making progress in supporting Canadians with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), we are only beginning to understand the factors behind the challenges they face.

We are thrilled that The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo  recognizes and supports  these individuals, families and supports that live with ASD in our community.


Our thoughts are with all our families that have been evacuated out of Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. We hope that you are all safe and have found a comfortable place for your families.

If you are needing any supports contact your local autism society:
In Edmonton, go to the Maier Center in Edmonton or call Candice at 780-913-1657
In Calgary, try Lyndon Parakin at Autism Calgary 403-250-5033 or The Ability Hub at 403-210-5000 ext 2037

Info on AADL Supports: http://www.health.alberta.ca/documents/AADL-Bulletin-34-2016-05.pdf.

If you are a patient of Dr. Al-Naami and are in need of medication or documentation, email brightfuturesclinic@gmail.com

Dr. Shane Lynch, Chartered psychologist, is offering a HELP Line for parents with children with Special needs or autism. Call or text 403 400 7968. Email him at shanelynch@positivebehaviorsupport.ca. He is able to provide strategies to help the family get through this, parents can talk to our behavioural psychologist about their child over the phone or email at no cost.

There is more information being added all the time on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/351083648308933/